July 18  2021 - Launch of our crepe-paper colour range!

July 18 2021 - Launch of our crepe-paper colour range!

Nodlaig CaffreyJul 18, '21

On Friday morning, I had a wonderful chat with our Italian friend, Martina, over at Cartotecnica Rossi. Cartotecnica Rossi is the name of the company that manufactures the gorgeous crepe-paper that I use here at 'The Paper Petal Studio' to create our giant crepe-paper flowers.

On our IG (Instagram Live) we had a great time chatting about all things crepe-paper, from the wide range of colours that Cartotecnica Ross offer, the different strengths of paper (I use the 180gm for my giant creations as it is so stretchy, strong and holds it's form) and also how Cartotecnica Rossi support the environment through their Forest Stewardship and the use of non-toxic dyes in their papers.

You can catch the whole talk on my Instagram page or on this link.

Following our call we launched their full range of colours on our website here in the 'Available Colours' section.

I'm absolutely delighted to showcase this full colour-range in digital form on our website. Each colour is coded, so that you can now choose the exact colour to match your floral requirements, whether it be to match a nursery theme, office space, retail/event design, wedding theme, corporate branding or a special gift - the sky's the limit!

In addition to this, behind the scenes we are also making a lot of progress with our new packaging, which will add to the unboxing experience of our giant floral creations, so stay posted for that!

Every step is an exciting one for my small creative floral business and I really appreciate all the support that I have received thus far!

Thanks again for reading and enjoy the weekend!


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