July 30 2020 - Going BIG in 2021

July 30 2020 - Going BIG in 2021

Nodlaig CaffreyMar 28, '21

As a small business specialising in the creation of handmade oversized paper flowers for events and weddings, one thing that is keeping me hopeful and motivated during these unsettled times is what I see emerging as key trends and themes for celebrations and weddings later this year and into 2021.

These include to name a few:

Big & Bold Decor, Sustainability, Buying Local, Uniqueness, Creativity, Personalisation and Hand-Made.

Uniqueness, Creativity, Personalisation and Hand-Made

With lockdown seeing us all stuck at home for weeks on end it's no wonder that new talents have blossomed, old skills nurtured and folks are now looking to incorporate their creations into their celebrations and big day!

I for one took some time out to research and start a new range of smaller florals for gift boxes. Making giant flowers is my passion and it's something that I'm very confident doing now, but making smaller flowers involves more finesse and subtle techniques, which was challenging to begin with, but I now have time to explore this new venture when ordinarily I probably would have put it on the 2021 list of new things to try out!

Big & Bold Decor
When it comes to 'Big & Bold" well, that's what we're all about here at 'The Paper Petal Company'. In fact 'the bigger the better' and going on what some wedding articles are saying it's all going to be the about the "Wow" factor when it comes to weddings, celebrations and decor in 2021, so to that I say "Bring it on!" :-)

According to Hitched (https://www.hitched.co.uk/wedding-planning/organising-and-planning/2021-wedding-trends/) some of the biggest Wedding Trends for 2021 will be "Oversized Everything".

Again at WedInspire (https://www.wedinspire.com/articles/guide/wedding-trends-year-report/) they write that "(...) one of the latest wedding trends right now is for oversize decor and giant statements. (...)"

We were super excited about launching our wedding floral creations at the fabulous 'The Wedding and Honeymoon Show' in the RDS (www.wed.ie) in September, however due to COVID restrictions this unfortunately has been postponed, so we are eagerly working on additional wedding floral offerings, which all going well we look forward to exhibiting at the 'Bride of the Year Show' at the RDS in January 2021. (More details to follow closer to the date!).

Finally, with the focus now more than ever on supporting local businesses and the ever-increasing appetite and appreciation for sustainable, unique craft products I am no longer feeling anxious about what the future holds for my creative business, but rather I'm feeling positive and motivated to keep creating bigger and bolder pieces and to keep looking forward and not backward!

Thanks for reading!

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