July 30 2021 - How it started, how it's going

July 30 2021 - How it started, how it's going

Nodlaig CaffreyJul 30, '21

It's been just a little over three years now since I first showcased my paper flowers to the general public in a pop up shop in South Dublin.

I had only a few basic flower templates under my belt at that stage and was still a bit unsure of what my paper flower style would be -would I specialise in large or small flowers, create my own or imitate nature's beauty or work with card-stock or crepe-paper?

I definitely didn't have all the answers back then, after all I was still very much in the process of learning to perfect the basics, but after many an hour spent thereafter honing my paper flower skills, I soon realised that my true passion and and expertise lay in the creation of large, oversized crepe-paper as well as foam flowers. I just really love the meditative-like process of creating big feature flowers and the visual impact that they make in a room or at an event.

How it's going? Well, these days I am busy doing what I love - creating giant bespoke floral creations for customers, showing up and engaging daily on my social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn) through my Stories, Post, Reels, InstaLives and designing new floral creations and art prints. 

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