My Story

My name is Nodlaig Caffrey,  founder and chief creative floral artist at The Paper Petal Studio.  We are a creative design studio that specialises in the creation of giant bespoke paper and foam flowers for creative events, and also beautiful floral for home-decor and interior design. 

All of our pieces are carefully designed, cut and shaped by hand, using high-quality Italian crepe-paper and foam materials, which are sourced from our environmentally conscious suppliers.  

At 'The Paper Petal Studio' we offer our customers our crepe-paper and foam floral wall decor, art prints and free-standing installations in a wide range of sizes and colours to best suit their creative project requirements.  We also offer a bespoke spray painting service for our floral foam creations, where we can provide our customers with an exact colour match service for their branding and marketing needs.

When I am not designing and creating flowers in the studio, I am also a mum to four children. My strong passion for craftwork was born from the early years with them, when we used to spend endless hours making all types of fun craft creations at the kitchen table.  It was a number of years later, after I saw a feature on the art of paper flower making, when my journey as a paper flower artist began. I have nurtured and developed my skills ever since through self learning, experimentation and through actively connecting with the growing creative floral community worldwide.

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The Paper Petal Studio