Stillorgan Decor

Location: Stillorgan Decor, Co. Dubllin

Interior Designer: Emma Edmonds

This was a really fun and creative project to collaborate on with the wonderful Emma Edmonds (Interior Designer).

Emma was very clear in her vision for her jungle themed window at Stillorgan Decor - a beautiful tropical wallpaper was to be the backdrop of a vibrant selection of large cascading monster leaves, trailing tropical palms and wild exotic flowers. It was to be a spectacle for the eyes!

Using my own templates I used a thick card stock paper to create the oversized vibrant monstera and tropical palms. I used real exotic flowers as my inspiration for the three giant floral creations and the smaller floral pieces that I created in different styles using a very strong and high quality Italian crepe-paper.

It was an absolute pleasure for me to work with the extremely creative Emma Edmonds on this fun project.

It's always a joy when a client has a clear vision or idea of what they want (or don't want) in terms of floral design for their project. Being a visual person I also find it a great help if they can share their vision or ideas with me using a mood board, Pinterest or colour palette (or indeed all of the above), as it's a great way to springboard the floral project with everyone on the same page from that first initial call or meeting!

"Fantastic work from the @thepaperpetalcompany, from start to finish a joy! So professional and helpful...I am demanding and you could not be more helpful. xxx" -- Ms. Emma Edmonds, Consultant and Interior Design at Stillorgan Decor