Floral Template: Paper Allium Gladiator Petal (for Cricut machine)


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Create Stunning Paper Allium Gladiator Flowers with our Petal Template (PNG File for Cricut/Cutting Machine)

Craft your very own giant paper allium(s) to create a fun, floral backdrop for any occasion!

Download and use our petal template in Cricut Design Space, to make a single, eye-catching allium, or create a whole bunch to create a fabulous backdrop to WOW your guests at weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, gender reveal parties etc.

The template is a PNG file, which can be modified in size in Cricut Design Space to suit the size sphere or globe that you are going to cover with the petals. (See our TikTok page for some inspiration ).

These beautiful flowers are guaranteed to grab everyone's attention and create the perfect photo opportunity at your next occasion!