June 19 2021 - PRIDE 2021 Corporate installation

June 19 2021 - PRIDE 2021 Corporate installation

Nodlaig CaffreyJun 19, '21

PRIDE 2021

These past few weeks have been wonderfully busy in the studio creating a variety of vibrant floral projects for our customers and clients. It's the time of year when colour and inspiration is all around not only in nature, but everywhere and it's great to be able to transfer that colour and energy into my paper floral creations! I have to say the summer sun and seeing endless numbers of flowers in bloom really gets my creative juices flowing!

I was particularly delighted to end last week off with the installation of this PRIDE floral display for one of our corporate clients. It was our first ever PRIDE installation and it was just so satisfying to complete - each flower on it's own is fun and vibrant, but together I think that they really make a striking floral feature piece.

Here is a photo of the finished 8-foot wide display


Note: these flowers can be purchased on our site here.

Each giant flower here is made up of over 350 individual crepe-paper petals, which are all hand-cut and shaped, before they are delicately positioned in place to create an 18" in diameter, 10" deep crepe-paper flower. The whole process from start to finish usually takes between 4.5hrs to 5hrs to complete and although it may sound boring to be cutting such a large quantity of paper, I actually find the repetitive action quite relaxing and even meditative at times..... of course there are other days as well when I turn up the radio and sing along to the latest beats... sure it would be totally boring if everyday were the same wouldn't it?

Enjoy the summer sun and thanks for reading!


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